Hilton Waikoloa Hawaii

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The Hilton Waikoloa is located on the “big island” of Hawaii. Where childhood memories embodies the very existence of this hotel. I’ve been to Waikoloa over a 25 times and let me tell you I love it every time and often find myself saying “I need the Waikoloa in my life”.

The Waikoloa is about 40 minutes from the Kona airport.

Bella Vista tip number 1 Rent a car. There is plenty to do outside of the hotel and access to an actual beach. Renting a car on average will run you about $300 a week. The avg taxi price range is between $60-65 two trips puts you at $130 when it’s all said and done. The speedi-shuttle is more economical just run a search for speedi shuttle KOA (Kona international airport) to find their site.

Now when you arrive at the Waikoloa you will be in awe of the grand lobby where you will see parrots, train trams, jewelry stores and boutiques, boats on water taking you from tower to tower. After you check in you are finally ready to enjoy the hotel, and boy you will enjoy the hotel, it has everything you need.

Bella Vista tip number 2 Bella Vista recommends staying at least 5 nights at the Waikoloa. Staying at the Waikoloa for over 5 nights can be a little redundant if you don’t go explore outside of the Waikoloa village.

The Waikoloa is for everyone maybe high school and college student wouldn’t get the same out of it as younger children or parents but the Waikoloa is truly for everyone. Especially young children what’s better than swimming all day and going down water slides? Nothing in my younger years I would stay at the three huge aquatic infrastructures all day long. I would also recommend parents leaving your child in the day camps the Waikoloa offers. It’s a little pricy but very fun with adventures and meeting new people all while swimming, eating, and not dealing with your children for 8 hours sounds like a deal to me. The Waikoloa is so appealing to children because it has everything you can ask for in a resort. It has a Game Center where you can play old school arcade games, it has a sand pool for younger children, also three huge swimming pools and 3 water slides.

Bella Vista What to do: The Waikoloa offers guest a chance of a lifetime to swim with real life dolphins. The guest will choose which encounter they will have. They offer a 30 minute encounter with the dolphin for $210 and several other packages with price going up for each. The price is expensive but if you ever wanted a chance to kiss a dolphin, feel a dolphin, or get your Instagram likes up this is a sure way to do it.

The Waikoloa is tailor made for kids to enjoy. Adults we haven’t forgotten about you As an educator I always think of things children can do) You can start the day off at the spa. There is nothing more relaxing than the spa amenities and what it has to offer. Older adults can also enjoy the pool with the family the shopping in Lagoon Tower. The Waikoloa also offers numerous tennis courts and putting green for the golfers. The main thing the Waikoloa is great for is relaxing from at night opening your hotel door and hearing that ocean breeze to enjoying the plenty of amenities the hotel has to offer.

Now the Bella Vista details
Staying at the Waikoloa
Some food for thought, if you think this is a beach resort it’s not. The Waikoloa is great for swimming and pool activities but the hotel is surrounded by coral reef so you have to go outside the Hilton Waikoloa if you wanted to be on the beach. The Waikoloa village is connected to a beach that is about a 5 minute drive and 15-20 minute walk. The Waikoloa Village also has what is called the King and Queen shops. Both in different locations but if you’re tired of Hilton food or want some groceries, this is the place to go. The King and Queen shops have little markets for groceries which is great to get water and other daily things. It also has a food court where you can get American food such as pizza, nachos, burgers, and subway. The King and Queen shops also have shopping for little gifts you may want to get while on Hawaii. A little more expensive than in the upper 48 states though. The Hilton also offers plenty of activities outside of the hotel from horseback riding on the beach, helicopter ride over volcano, black sand beach, snorkeling and hiking through the Hawaiian rainforest the activities are endless.

Bella Vista tip 3 Whale watching… JUST Do it.
In the months of November to May, peak season January through March. The humpback whales visit the Hawaiian waters. I’ve been on at least 3 whale watching expenditures and I must say every time I’ve gone, it’s been amazing and thoroughly worth the money.

So Bella-Vistaites please tell us if you’ve been to the Hilton Waikoloa Village, Tell us something we may have missed or not touched on. Also tell us what you do at the Waikoloa, things you hate and love. If you plan on going to Waikoloa after this post for the first time tell us how we did in describing the Waikoloa. Most importantly tell us how you enjoyed it.

Bellavista What not to do. The Waikoloa has its own lagoon but here at Bella Vista we would recommend you most likely not spend your money on the snorkeling equipment. The Anaehoomalu beach (A-bay) between the Hilton and Queen shops has marvelous snorkeling from the beach/harbor.

The Waikoloa gets an 8.8 from us here at Bella Vista. Tell us your ratings of the Waikoloa.


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