Adventures in Paris

Out of the cities that I’ve visited, Paris has been one of my favorites. Just recently I made my 3rd trip to the city. One thing that I like is that it’s modern and old at the same time. It’s not an English-speaking country so I’ve spent hours navigating up and down the streets with a map in my hand. Public transportation is somewhat of a challenge to figure out but it can be done. I went for the first time by myself in 2014. I wanted a new experience and I had an amazing time wandering around the city for 4 days. While everyone has his or her favorite place, I particularly like the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s absolutely awe-inspiring. There are also a lot of street vendors and restaurants nearby that make it a cool area hang out for a while. So many simple pleasures exist; taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower, buying an authentic baguette at a local bakery, or simply sitting down to enjoy a coffee and people watching. There are of thousands of sites that are picture worthy and you’ll find yourself walking along and just wanting to take a picture of everything. While I don’t recommend wandering around late at night (at least by yourself), it’s also a good place to explore alone as well as with a companion. My recommendation is to get around using one of the hop-on/hop-off waterbuses. They are fairly inexpensive and you’ll have a boat to take you to a lot of the highlights of the city. If you go to the Louvre and you love history, spend a day there. It feels overwhelming if you have a very limited amount of time. It’s truly the city of love and an amazing place. 


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